1 gallon All-Purpose Vegetable Fertilizer
1 gallon Apples & Oranges
1 gallon Flowers & Blooms
1 gallon Garden of Eden Bloom Nutrient
1 gallon Rose Garden
1 gallon Texas Tomato Food
1/2 gallon All-Purpose Vegetable Fertilizer
1/2 gallon Apples & Oranges
1/2 gallon Flowers & Blooms
1/2 gallon Garden of Eden
1/2 gallon Rose Garden
1/2 Gallon Texas Tomato Food
4 pack Apples & Oranges gallons
4-Pack Flowers & Blooms gallons
4-pack Garden of Eden gallons
4-pack Rose Garden gallons
4-Pack Texas Tomato Food gallons
4-Pack x 1 gallon Liquid Lawn
4-Pack x All-Purpose Vegetable Fertilizer gallons
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All-Purpose Vegetable
Apples & Oranges
BioActive Organic Dry Powder-6lb bag. Priority Shipping Included!
Blending Urban Farm Fertilizers Formulas
Calibration solutions, ph up/down
Case-1/2 gal x 6 All-Purpose Vegetable Fertilizer
Case-1/2 gal x 6 Flowers & Blooms
Case-1/2 gal x 6 Texas Tomato Food
Circulation Pump
Combo All-in-one meters
EMD Colorphast PH test strips-100
EMD Ph 4 & 7 Calibration Solutions 2 pk
Flowers & Blooms
Garden of Eden Hydroponic Bloom Nutrient
Grodan Expert Fat Slab 6"x4"x36" rockwool, per case
Grodan Expert Slab 6"x3"x36" rockwool per case
Grodan Expert Slab 8"x3"x36" rockwool per case
Grodan rockwool, bulk, 45lbs
Hanna 9811-5 Pro Ph/EC/TDS/Temp Combo
Hanna 9811-5N Multi-Parameter Combo meter
Hanna HI 98103 (Checker) pH Tester with Replaceable Electrode
Hanna HI 98106 (Champ) pH Tester with 0.2 Accuracy
Hanna HI 98107 (pHep) pH Tester with 0.1 Accuracy
Hanna HI 98108 (pHep+) pH Tester with Temperature Compensation
Hanna HI 9812-5N NEW
Hanna HI 98127 Waterproof pH Tester with Replaceable Electrode w/ accuracy 0.1 pH
Hanna HI 98129 Combo pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Tester with Low Range EC
Hanna HI 98301 TDS Tester with 0.5 conversion factor, Range up to 1990 ppm
Hanna HI 98311 Waterproof (Low Range) EC/TDS/Temperature Tester
Hanna HI 98312 Waterproof (High Range) EC/TDS/Temperature Tester
Hanna HI-98303 EC Tester, Range up to 1990 S/cm
Hanna Primo TDS Meter with Automatic Temperature Compensation
Heirloom tomato gardening gallery
HI 98130 Combo pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Tester with High Range EC
HI 981408 Ph Tester for Hydroponics
HI 981410 EC/TDS Tester for Fertigation Solutions
HM Digital AP-1 Pocket Pen
Horticultural Lighting Information
How to grow tomatoes
How to grow vegetables
Hydroponic vegetable gardening gallery
HydroSystems 1500 ppm Standard Calibration Solution 500ml
HydroSystems Ph Down, 32oz 2-Pack
HydroSystems Ph Up, 16 oz 2-Pack
Liquid Lawn Fertilizer
Meters, Ph Up/Down Solutions
Milwaukee PH-51 Pocket Ph Meter-Waterproof!!
Milwaukee SM-802 Combo Ph, TDS, EC
Milwaukee T-76 Pocket TDS Meter-Waterproof!!
Pallet of Grodan granulate-18 bags-Call for price.
Ph meters
Pumps, Media & Accessories
Replacement 1st Pump Pot-Workhorse Series
Replacement baskets
Replacement Control Module-for all systems
Replacement Rockwool per basket
Replacment Workhorse pot
Rose Garden Fertilizer for Roses.
TDS/EC meters
Texas Tomato Food
The Urban Farm 20
The Urban Farm 20 Commercial-All-inclusive*
The Urban Farm 20 Commercial-Bare Bones
The Urban Farm 20-Granite All-Inclusive (Special Order)
The Urban Farm-Info 101
Urban Farm Fertilizers™
Urban Farm™ Fertilizers BioActive™ All-Organic Dry Powder
Urban Farm™ Super Concentrated Liquid Fertilizers
Varieties and Seed Sources
Water quality Q&A