The Urban Farm 5: Easy, high-yield patio gardening!

Indoor/outdoor automated performance gardening.

Effortless Gardening! Pays for itself in one year.... (see Economics)

Available in industrial or designer styling

The Urban Farm 5 automated container gardening system. Perfect for:

Urban Rooftops
Pre-existing garden areas
Indoor growrooms

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Exclusive Patent-Pending design. The Urban Farm automatically fills and drains nutrient from the reservoir to the planters 6-8 times/day, keeping your plants' rootzone aerated, flushed, and full of the nutrition vegetable plants need for heavy yield, sweet flavor, and large size.

As with all Urban Series GroSystems, choose either economy black pots or elegant rotationally-molded cyclinder planters to utilize patent-pending recirculating hydroponic technology for eye-popping yields. All Urban Farm 5's come with 34 gal proprietary food-grade reservoirs.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, melons, and eggplant can grow so large with such a heavy yield in The Urban Farm that vertical support is recommended. See How to grow tomatoes.

For more in-depth info see: Info 101 and FAQs

Our Urban Series GroSystems are engineered gardening machines. We use, test, and refine our products 365 days/year. Let consumer-friendly, state-of-the-art hydroponics do the work for you.

Most Urban Series GroSystems are All Inclusive, ready-to-grow packages.

-the Urban Farm 5 model you select.
-2 gallons of our own super-concentrated Urban Farm Fertilizers Nutrient.
-Primo model TDS meter from Hanna Instruments to monitor your ppms.
-calibration solution for the TDS meter.
-100 ph strips from EMD to monitor your ph.
-32oz of Ph Down.
-16oz of Ph Up (used much less than Ph Down)
-Grodan rockwool (?) for all of your planters.

The Economics:
The best heirloom tomatoes cost $4-$6lb. Red, yellow, and orange bell peppers cost $2 each. Let's say you have the Urban Farm 5: three planters with tomatoes, one with red and orange bell peppers, and the fifth with cucumbers. Realistically, you will harvest at least 60lbs of tomatoes. You would either save $240-$360 from the supermarket or you would make that much selling them at the farmers market. The bushels full of peppers and cucumbers add tremendously to your savings. You can make any combination you like.....the return on investment is the same, and you get to continue using the system year after year.

Right: French heirlooms "Coustralee"ready for the plate. Now this is what a 2 pound beefsteak is really all about.

The Urban Farm=better nutrition.
The Urban Farm provides the perfect root zone conditions, and our Urban Farm Fertilizers Liquid Nutrient provides plant nutrition in ideal ratios. Your plants grow effortlessly with no stress, no drought, maximum oxygen, firing on all cyclinders. Less stress and perfect health equals better metabolism equals maximum nutrition.

Right: acorn squash in one planter while still small. It ended up covering 200 sq ft and produced 20 squash.→
Could you imagine if this started out at waist-level? A better idea is to use bush varieties and go vertical!!

Hydroponics at ground level.

What does this mean? The Patent-pending technology of The Urban Farm doesn't rely on gravity to return solution to the nutrient reservoir. Almost all current hydroponic systems on the market today do. This means your plants start out at waist-level.....totally impractical for outdoor, high-performance vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, and squash. The Urban Farm hydroponics system allows plants to grow from ground level for better vertical training.

Dedicated to quality: food-grade polyethylene reservoirs and planters,
UV-8 ultraviolet protection* (8 years in the Florida sun), stainless steel fasteners, point-to-point handwired electronics, German multi-program timers.

*UV-8 rating applies to both grey and granite reservoirs and granite planters only.

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**NOTE: Planters must be within 1/2" of level with each other from end-to-end. If placed on soil, the soil can be mounded up or excavated down under each individual planter to accomplish this.

All pictures on this site are of plants and vegetables produced in Urban Farms.
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The Urban Farm 5: Granite Decorator Series. Four-gallon designer cyclinder planters and 34 gallon cylinder reservoir. More info.

The Urban Farm 5: Workhorse Series All-inclusive. Three-gallon pots and 34 gallon food-grade reservoir. More info.

The Urban Farm 5: "Bare Bones". More info.

"Coustralee" is a strong and productive heirloom.

Pushed by optimized hydroponics, astounding growth is usually the case. Aggressive vertical management is important, unless you have the room.

A table full of heirlooms. Part of a load on the way to the Farmer's Market.

The Urban Farm 5-Bare Bones
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The Urban Farm 5 Workhorse Series-All-inclusive*
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The Urban Farm 5 Granite Series-All-inclusive*
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The Urban Farm 5 Granite-Bare Bones
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5-pot expansion kit for Workman Series. Turn your UF-5 into a 10!
Five-pot expansion kit for The Urban Farm 5-Granite.