All fertilizers are Not created equal!

Just as with beer, there are high quality micro-brews and low quality generics.

Urban Farm Fertilizers begin as hydroponic-grade nutrients that produce exceptional results in soil or hand-watered potted plants as well.

We use concentrated teas made from guanos, kelp, earthworm casts, humic acid, Vitazyme®, and amino acids in combination with hydroponic-grade minerals. Use Urban Farm Fertilizers in containers, raised beds, hydroponics, soil, drip systems, or hand-watering for complete nutrition and eye-popping yields.

  • We craft our “proprietary” formulas by hand on a weekly/daily basis.
  • Super-concentrated, 1 gallon makes 256 gallons of full-strength nutrient solution.
  • Hybrid Hydroponic-grade nutrients for soil, containers, and hydroponics.
  • No more blossom-end rot: loaded with Calcium.
  • For drip systems, watering can, hose-end sprayers, tank sprayers, foliar.
  • A stand-alone fertilizer: 100% nutritionally complete, instantly available.
Since 2007 our reputation has been built on quality and results. Satisfied customers are our best marketing. Read just a few of the Testimonials:

The Urban Farm Fertilizer Company is located in Bay City, Texas. We are dedicated to the pursuit of perfection in creating the finest, most effective fertilizers for vegetables, flowers, citrus, trees, lawns, and the new medicinal market.

We make proprietary, hybrid nutrients using organic components and greenhouse-grade mineral nutrients. This gives us the ability to combine the bioactivity of organics with the instant potency, solubility, availability, and nutrition of concentrated minerals, the same minerals used in hydroponic food production around the world.  What we have done different is to modify our formulas to make them excellent for soil and container gardening as well. You get hydroponic-grade performance for your lawn and garden……a first for the home gardener.

We began 40 years ago formulating hydroponic nutrients for vegetable production. Over time we began to incorporate organics into our hydroponic formulas. With breakthroughs combining “old-school” and “new-school” blending, we decided in 2007 it was time to introduce the general gardening public to real fertilizer. Until Urban Farm Fertilizers came along, world-class, complete fertilizers were not available to the backyard gardener. Now they are.

We make fresh nutrients on a daily basis as the orders come in and ship direct to our customers. We never warehouse product. It is always fresh and most active. In the past we tried retail, but found distributors and retailers storing product upwards of a year before putting it on shelves. Being unacceptable to us, we abandoned retail and now only take online orders.

In conclusion, we make nutrients of a quality and consistency that the corporations can’t match. Think micro-brewed beers.

Best regards…………