The Best Medicinal Hydroponic Fertilizer…..Garden of Eden hits 30% THC and 10% terpenes in commercial production!!

2 & 3 part formulas are obsolete.

Urban Farm Fertilizers is excited to announce confirmation of what our regular customers already knew: the best medicinal hydroponic fertilizer is our proprietary formula, Garden of Eden. Lab analysis from a legal, medicinal grow house has just come in from one of our commercial growers, and the results blew everyone away. Garden of Eden 3.6-6.0-3.8 is the best cannabis fertilizer money can buy. See for yourself. Click on the pdf below to see the authentic COA report. Multiple samples were taken, as required by state regulations.


This analysis was from an “Auto” variety rated to limit out at 23% THC and 2% terpenes! Topping out at 30% THC and 10% terpenes, Garden of Eden showed that it can propel a crop beyond what is expected. There is a lot more to nutrient than just numbers.

The production included the use of Flowers & Blooms during seedling and early vegetative stages, switching to Garden of Eden at the initiation of flowering.

Both Flowers & Blooms and Garden of Eden are 1-part, all-in-one professional nutrients, and both are the result of 35 years of experience (including spectacular failures) through hands-on trial, error, and lab analysis. Garden of Eden was producing big yields long before it became fashionable to do so.

So, forget about 2 and 3-part formulas and wonder if you’ve got the measurements and/or the ratios right. Those days are over. Use Flowers & Blooms and Garden of Eden 1-part nutrients and make great results easy.

No other nutrients or additives were used. This was a grow done exclusively on Flowers & Blooms and Garden of Eden in a recirculating system. EC approximated 2.2 mS/cm throughout.

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