Calcium for preventing blossom-end rot in tomatoes.

Calcium is nearly as fundamental to vegetables and flowers as nitrogen. Most folks don’t know this. Professional growers do.  Look on the back of your current fertilizer. It’s almost guaranteed to not have calcium. Why? Because it’s extremely difficult to incorporate with other elements, so our competitors skip that part. Quite simply, they don’t know how. And yet, calcium is essential to the prevention of blossom-end rot.

Got Calcium? All Urban Farm Fertilizers do! You can prevent blossom-end rot.


We have developed a proprietary process that allows us to blend calcium into super-concentrated, 1-part formulas. This means all Urban Farm Fertilizer’s formulas are totally complete and balanced, unlike the competition.

We are the only fertilizer company with the knowledge to incorporate calcium in a 100% nutritionally complete, instantly water-soluble, super-concentrated liquid. Calcium is critically important to the successful fruiting of vegetables, fruit, and citrus, and just as important for flowers. If there is no calcium, the fertilizer is fundamentally incomplete.

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How to use Urban Farm Fertilizers

Hose-end sprayer, watering can, drip irrigation, foliar feeding, and hydroponics…… Urban Farm Fertilizer’s proprietary formulas can be used in any delivery system, making them the

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