We no longer manufacture Urban Farms, but we're leaving this page up because there is some worthwhile information here. Even though our Urban Farms were (and remain) stellar hydroponic systems, we couldn't make them at a price point that allowed profitability. But our fertilizers have taken off. So we are a fertilizer company now.

Our timer control package bathes your plants’ rootzone in an ideal nutrient solution
6-8 times/day. This accomplishes several things: 

-ideal N-P-K and micro-nutrient ratios are maintained. See our Urban Farm Fertilizers Liquid Nutrient.
-flushing prevents salt buildup.
-your plants never struggle to find water.
-and oxygen is replenished.

This is the essence of commercial hydroponics and the reason for such explosive growth, and it is brought to the home market by the simplicity of The Urban Farm.

Absolutely! Replace your garden area with water efficient and more productive automation. Just make sure the planters are level. Go away for a week. Forget about it.!

 Not at all. We use greenhouses so we can carry on research year ’round. But The Urban Farm is designed for porches, patios, decks, balconies, rooftops, and garden replacement, while also being an excellent choice for atriums and greenhouses.

  • Hybrid Hydroponic-grade nutrients for soil, containers, and hydroponics.
  • No more blossom-end rot: loaded with Calcium.
  • For drip systems, watering can, hose-end sprayers, tank sprayers, foliar.
  • A stand-alone fertilizer: 100% nutritionally complete, instantly available.
  • 1 gallon makes 256 gallons of full-strength nutrient solution.