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How to use Urban Farm Fertilizers

Hose-end sprayer, watering can, drip irrigation, foliar feeding, and hydroponics…… Urban Farm Fertilizer’s proprietary formulas can be used in any delivery system, making them the

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Water quality Q&A

An overview of water quality issues. Container gardening, whether in hand-watered potting soil or automated hydroponics, is more sensitive to water quality than soil gardening.

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Varieties and Seed Sources

What are recommended varieties? We are tomato, cucumber, squash, and pepper fiends: flavor and quality come first, yield second. We can’t stand supermarket tomatoes. Any

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How to grow tomatoes

Do you remember how a “real” tomato tastes….juicy, meaty, dripping with flavor? Our customers grow them all the time. The number one question we get

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How to grow vegetables

How to grow vegetables Food!! That’s where it begins. Most people don’t give their vegetables enough Food. Fruiting vegetables are like teenagers…..they really go through it. But

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