5kg-3 Coir 5kg Coir Block – 3 Pack


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Coconut Coir is the coarse fibers extracted from the husk on the outer shell of a coconut. Coir is a sustainable alternative to peat moss. In sandy soils, coir helps to keep nutrients and moisture close to plant roots. In clay soils, it helps to break up hard-packed earth and move nutrients and moisture through the soil. Add one part coir to two parts soil to make a growing medium for pots or outdoor gardens. Coir comes compressed into bricks for convenient storage. Add water and soak your brick for at least 1 hour to hydrate. can start growing as soon as it arrives.
Replaces peat moss, rockwool & perlite.
Compressed bricks are easy to handle & store.
Disease Resistant.
Excellent air space & water holding capacity.
pH Nautral.
Holds between 8 & 10 times its volume in water.
Item weight – 5 Kg.
Pack – 3.


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