Flowers & Blooms 3.6-4-4

High phosphorus and calcium. Use for seedlings, transplants, and heavy flowering. It is also an outstanding all-around nutrient for houseplants and annuals.


Rising fertilizer prices

The reality of rampant inflation  in nearly everything for sale these days has affected base fertilizer components as well. In the last several months wholesale prices have more than doubled, and even tripled!! The price of fuel has caused shipping costs to also increase. We will do what we can to keep our prices still affordable, but they will go up. Our apologies in advance.


Flowers & Blooms™ is a two-purpose nutrient: an excellent starter for germination and young seedlings, and a potent formula for all flowering plants. This low-nitrogen, high-phosphorus formula will cause explosions of flowers. Like all Urban Farm Fertilizer formulas, it is so well made that it serves as a monster hydroponic nutrient as well for the indoor gardener during rooting, germination, and early vegetative.

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1/2 Gallon, 1 Gallon, Quart, 4 Pack 1 Gallon


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