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Liquid Lawn Fertilizer 13-1-2

Liquid Lawn is a super-concentrated, sprayable lawn fertilizer that includes Iron and micro-nutrients. Use Liquid Lawn for quick green-up and a regular application program.


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Liquid Lawn™ with Iron is the fastest way to get complete, high-nitrogen nutrition to your lawn.  But unlike other lawn fertilizers, Liquid Lawn fertilizer is more than just nitrogen.  All of the micro nutrients are included, as well as magnesium, sulfur, and iron. Designed for easy hose-end sprayer application, lawn fertigation systems. Nearly all lawn fertilizers are generic formulas made from ammonia-based nitrogen components or urea. Liquid Lawn™ takes lawn fertilizer to a level not seen before. Every application delivers hydroponic-grade nutrients to your lawn, plus….. mycorrhizae, humic acid, bacteria, enzymes, and minerals. Liquid Lawn is powerful and beneficial. Use as a light foliar maintenance nutrient or put it on heavy to get down into the soil for faster, more intense effect.

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1 Gallon, 50 Gallon Drums


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