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“It really is quite amazing having a product live up to its hype………Tomatoville.com

Let me start by saying we farm ten acres of fresh produce for our CSA and the markets we work,so we have a huge spectrum of crops to fertilize. Spring crops, summer crops, and fall crops of all types. This past season we swapped to Urban Farm Fertilizers for everything. We started with the vegetable fertilizer on our transplants in the greenhouse and all direct seeded crops  followed by the first 2-3 feedings in the field. With tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, pumpkins, cucumbers, and all summer and winter squash we swapped to the Texas Tomato Food for the remainder of the season. All other crops stayed with All Purpose Vegetable fertilizer. You have no idea the difference this fertilizer will make! My tomato plants literally pulled down my fence due to the sheer amount of tomatoes! I had to use my tractor bucket to raise them back up and add additional posts every two feet instead of six feet!!! The red and purple radishes we grow had a better color, taste, and texture than any other year with other fertilizers. I couldn’t begin to count the number of compliments we got on how beautiful and tasty the radishes were…I mean seriously, radishes aren’t normally a focal point for most people at a Farmers Market. Want to talk about watermelons? They were the absolute best tasting, best producing, and best looking I have ever seen…I sold approximately 2100 watermelons out of 8-200′ rows. Customers were begging for melons every single week once word got out of how good they were! Obviously no one can guarantee you will get these kind of results, but I assure you that you don’t have a chance with traditional fertilizers! My advice…follow the directions from UFF, take care of the weeds and bugs, and experience the best garden you will ever have!
Brandon H., Killen, AL
USDA Grow Zone 7

Thank you for the quick reply, and thanks for this amazing fertilizer (Liquid Lawn)…….another happy Amazon customer.

"Amazing Stuff. I just heard all kinds of people on Tomatoville.com raving about it....."..........Amazon

“Ok….now I’m gonna have to buy more! This stuff is great! My tomato plants have already doubled in size and are already growing tomatoes – and talk about flowering!!!! I only had a couple of flowers on my 3 tomato plants and now they’re just blooming all over!!! Not only has it jump started my tomatoes, but it is also doing wonders on my Sugar Pods, green beans, cucumbers, bell peppers, watermelons, and cantaloupes!! Everything is just beautiful and soooo healthy!!!!! Thank you so much!!! You have really made feeding my plants what they need a breeze!!!!”…….Amazon

"The Best Fruit Tree Fertilizer"........Amazon

“We have used Liquid Lawn for almost an entire season last year for all of our golf greens with great success. We tend to try or use as many organic type fertilizers as possible, and through the years have tried quite a bit, but happy to say we now use Liquid Lawn for all of our fertilizing needs on our 9-hole family-run golf course. This product does a great job on our greens – nice color and consistent growth, and is also very easy to mix and spray during our scheduled 2-3 week basis. We also noticed using Liquid Lawn that we saw a significant drop in worm casts and insects as well so for us it’s a keeper using this product!!”……Scotty McAlarney, Owner-Scott Greens Golf Club

"Just ordered another three quarts. Thanks for making a quality product!" .....Tomatoville.com

“Urban Farm’s fertilizer products are fantastic, especially in their hydroponic gardening systems. As an added bonus, dealing with the company has been a joy. The company gets an A+ rating for customer service. Do not hesitate to purchase this product, you will most certainly be satisfied.”….. Amazon.com

"So far this has been a great liquid tomato food.".....Amazon.com

“You can add me to the list. The stuff works nuclear. Can’t keep up with the beans and Tomatoes. Had one Tomato plant in a pot that was basically dead from blight. I figured what the heck…After a couple of shots of Texas Tomato it was back from the dead, covered with new growth and Tomatoes”…….M. Livermore, Ames, Iowa
“We bought a couple Earth Boxes from Amazon, and I figured I would plant two tomato plants in one box. I had no idea how huge they would get and how productive they would become. Unfortunately, I think this lead to a lack of calcium, which in turn made the tomatoes susceptible to blossom end rot — it makes the bottom of the tomatoes appear as though they’re rotting, and go black. I bought this tomato food in hopes that it would boost the calcium enough to help. And did it ever! I’ve had so many good tomatoes coming off these plants that my wife and I have already decided that next year, we plant only one tomato plant and use the space for some cucumbers. This is a wonderful product.”…. Amazon.com
“Just wanted to let you know, that Liquid Lawn is Liquid Gold. I have been using it for two months frequently, applying it once a week. Today my lawn is green at the roots and because I work every day I don’t have to worry about burning my lawn. Thanks…….” D.Davis

“Really impressed with TTF? I won’t argue that…high heat, rain, and humidity had my plants at the brink …a thorough haircut, a bleach spritz, and a quart of Ultimate Texas Tomato Food ; and my plants are BACK!!! I thought I would be blessed if I got two or three tomatoes per plant, at best. That changed in two weeks…with few exceptions; they are LOADED! I have gone from weeping to cheering…thank you, TTF…another order is on its way shortly. Give this stuff a try, folks.” Mary W, New Hampshire

My melons were fantastic. I love your products. They are easy to use and boy do they produce fantastic results ”. A. Ebersole, Azle, Texas

“This is my first year using TTF and the results have been excellent. Tremendous fruit set and a nice size as well. Really impressed.” ….From Tomatoville.com

“Okay…I’m convinced. I used a quart of Texas Tomato Food in early August, and applied more last week from an additional gallon of TTF. I observed spurts in new growth, blossoming, and fruit production even at this late stage in the season (New Hampshire ).”….. Tomatoville.com

“I was going to call you all this morning to brag a bit about my fruit, crepe myrtles and vegetables. I am very pleased with your products. Let’s start with the crepe myrtles. I used the Flowers and Blooms on the crepe myrtles this year. The trees were so full of blooms that some branches had to be supported. And now to my surprise, they are starting the second round of blooms. They have never done this before. The neighbors have all commented on my crepe myrtles. The crepe myrtles were fertilized about every three weeks. On my peach trees I used the Apples and Oranges. My peach crop was more than I could have hoped for. We had several late frosts here that pretty much ruined everything. The local peach festival basically had no peaches. A grower a few miles from me with trees much more mature than mine had zero peaches this year. My neighbor next door also didn’t have any peaches. My peaches were very tasty and juicy. One neighbor commented he had never eaten better peaches. The fruit trees were fertilized once a week along with the garden.”…….A. Ebersole, Azle, TX

“It has been less than a week since I gave my fall plants a boost with TTF and I’m already seeing increases in fruit set and blossoming”……. Tomatoville.com
“It has been less than a week since I gave my fall plants a boost with TTF and I’m already seeing increases in fruit set and blossoming”…… Tomatoville.com

I am very pleased with the fine quality of this product. I have been using it on my parents’ determinate tomato plants that were almost dead! I am happy to say that they have new green leaves now along with additional flowers.”……. Amazon.com

“I would agree with all of the positive sentiment about both the TTF and the Veggie. They performed admirably.”…… Tomatoville.com

“Here’s a pic of 61 lbs of tomatoes I picked today. The set up of 14 tomato plants have already produced at least 200 lbs!!!!!!! and still loaded!!!! I can see how your system will definitely double if not triple tomato production, maybe more!!!! Regarding my main pumpkin plant……I’ve passed my last years weight of 817 lbs several days ago and still getting 10-14 lbs a day. I’m shooting for the 1000 lbs.” (Texas Tomato Food)……..

B. Torres, Emerald Hills, CA

I am super happy with the results from using your fertilizers. I have never had fruit set on my tomatoes this good overall.”…… Tomatoville.com
I am having really great results with this so far. I’ve been using Texas Vegetable Food on my tomato seedlings, with plans to switch to Texas Tomato Food when fruits start to set (which, judging by the progress I’m seeing so far, maybe won’t be that far away).”….. Tomatoville.com

“My next-door neighbor planted his pole beans a month before I did. My pole beans were like champion athletes climbing the trellis. My beans far surpassed his. He uses Miracle Grow. I used your All Purpose Vegetable formula. My beans have been fantastic tasting and a great yield. The squash and zucchini just keep on producing.”…..
A. Ebersole, Azle, TX

A variety of heirloom tomatoes were grown last year with your TTF and a patch this year so far. They’re looking amazing! It’s almost dumbfounding to see what a tomato plant can do when it has complete nutrition as its weapon. Thanks, you guys!  ……. a random email.

“I hate sounding like a commercial, but this has been my most productive year ever and by a good bit, so, I’m a believer!” …..tomatoville.com
“Dear Ed,… thank you very much for the help you gave me. Although it wasn’t a product sold by your company, you didn’t hesitate to tell me exactly what I needed and where to get it. I have a great deal of respect for a man who helps someone and isn’t makin a dime. Most importantly I have gardened for over 30 years. By trial and error I’ve had good years and some average years. Since using your products, primarily your vegetable fertilizer and your Texas Tomato Food, I am having the best year I have ever had gardening. I use these products on almost everything, like first and foremost my tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers (awesome), watermelon, and eggplant. I thank you to no end. So finally, if you want great products, at a fair price and a ton of knowledge, then you need to look no further. YOU FOUND IT!!!!!!! Thank you”……John from New Jersey.
“Please Never Stop Making This Product! Great stuff!”……feedback on ebay regarding Garden of Eden bloom nutrient.