Why Texas Tomato Food is stronger than a 20-20-20 powder.

Texas Tomato Food is stronger than you think.

Occasionally we get a customer commenting on how much better value a 20-20-20 powder fertilizer is compared to our liquid Urban Farm Fertilizers. So why should they buy ours?

It’s understandable, just looking at the numbers. But digging deeper you will find that our nutrients are actually stronger. Here’s why.

Those 3 primary NPK numbers are based on percentage by weight. Liquids are much heavier than dry powders, so of course the amount of measurable nutrients compared to overall weight will be lower than the dry powder. The accurate comparison is done by volume. So, if you measure tablespoon-to-tablespoon and then measure the concentration, that is where you learn the real story.

We have done the following test countless times. We dissolve 1 tbls of any of our nutrients in a gallon of distilled or reverse osmosis water and 1 tbls of any generic 20-20-20 powder in another gallon of same water. After stirring for several minutes, measure with an EC (electrical conductivity) meter to see total nutrient concentration. Typically, the powder will come in between 2.1-2.25 mS/cm. Our nutrients will come in between 2.25-2.5 mS/cm. Our nutrients average 10-15% stronger. The numbers on our labels don’t say it, but our nutrients are actually stronger than comparable dry powders.

To give a better idea of our nutrient’s strength in numbers, multiply our NPK by 4 times and you will see an approximate NPK if the product were dry. On top of that, NPK numbers are mandatory minimums, as required by the various State Chemists. We can’t present a product that tests out less than these numbers, but we are allowed to exceed them within reason. In the case of our Texas Tomato Food (4-2.5-6), those numbers are conservative. The formula is more like 4.5-3-6.5. Multiply that by 4 and you have 18-12-26, a perfect ratio for tomatoes and other large fruiting vegetables.

So there you have it. Urban Farm Fertilizers are strong!

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